zhanna’s adventures

zhanna’s adventures

Mt. Minsi Letterbox

All year I’ve wanted to get to this letterbox, but I spent most of my time in Delaware Water Gap this year across the way on Mt. Tammany. In fact, this was my first trip to Mt. Minsi since late last summer. (Of course, even though finding the letterbox was my main purpose for this hike, I was distracted by the possibility of also locating some benchmarks, and almost walked out the door without the letterbox clues. Typical.) Aaron came along on this one, unsure how he would feel about GPS-free hunting. We took the AT up the mountain, as usual, and had no trouble finding the box. It’s been there almost four years, and it’s in great shape! I was surprised to see that Geeoh had found it, as well. I didn’t recognize any of the other names. (We were astounded by the log from “Wendy from RI” who claims to have done like 1,000,000+ miles of solo hiking and backpacking. Well, maybe not that much, but once it gets over 30,000, does it make a difference?!) Finally, we had a nice day to do our stamp-trading. It really made a big difference. Now, if I could only find those benchmarks…

Zhannich at the second overlook on Mount Minsi. That’s Mount Tammany in the background. There’s a letterbox and several geocaches over there; I’ve found the caches, but I haven’t looked for the letterbox yet.

Fall view from the powerline cut very near the letterbox. Too bad those powerlines are there!

The letterbox itself. It was pretty easy to locate, and is in great shape after almost four years! It will need a new logbook soon, though.

The view from a little further up the trail. No powerlines this time.

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