Acadia Adventures 2007 – Day 1

Under construction! In which Nutty and Fruity Moose begin their wild September adventure! Today’s adventures consist mainly of non-adventurous driving, and are actually only a half-day’s worth to boot, since we did not leave Jessup until nearly 7:00pm. We didn’t cross into Maine until sometime after midnight, which means that September 7 is considered the … Read more

Acadia Adventures 2007 – Day 2

Under Construction! I was half asleep by the time we exited the highway at the I-95 rest stop in Kittery, just after crossing from New Hampshire into Maine (so it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving). It was 1:30am. For the second year in a row, the women’s restrooms were being cleaned when we arrived, … Read more

Acadia Adventures 2007 – Day 3

Under Construction! We had experienced a long drive over two days followed by a grueling hike in oppressive humidity, so we were perfectly justified in staying in bed until well after 9:00am. (At least that’s the official excuse.) Once we finally dragged ourselves out of our moose-cave-away-from-home, we headed to Jeannie’s Breakfast for (if you … Read more

Acadia Adventures 2007 – Day 4

Under Construction! This Sunday morning dawned clear and bright. Of course, we were still in bed long past sunrise so we missed the spectacle of it all, but the weatherman and the cool morning air assured me that the skies had stayed clear right through the night. The air was still chilly as we waited, … Read more

Acadia Adventures 2007 – Day 5

Drizzly day. Breakfast at Cafe This Way, which we’d somehow managed to miss until now. We had to change tables because of some screaming brats positioned in the corner right underfoot, where we were initially seated. The drizzle turned to mere fog, with some patches of slightly brighter sky from time to time. Rich surprised … Read more