zhanna’s adventures

zhanna’s adventures

Lock Ridge Letterbox

This box was very easy to find, though I don’t think it’ll be discovered by the casual park visitor. Just follow the directions carefully and you can’t not find it. (Unless, of course, it ends up missing.) This letterbox held some surprises—described below—that served as a reminder of the number of cool things that are out there in the world, and how you may just stumble upon a few of them when you’re not looking.

The furnaces were one of the neatest spots I visited this fall (not that I got to go very many places because of all the rain and snow). Aside from their historical interest, I loved the geometry of these structures and the way the light fell in and around them, especially as the hour grew later.

We took a “wrong” turn while looking for the Lock Ridge Park geocache and headed down along the creek for a bit. The bridge is much more interesting seen from this angle than from the top!

Inside we found the usual logbook and stamp, but this letterbox contained a few other interesting things as well. There were some little cards with letters on them that are to be logged at mapsurfer.com. I’d never seen these before. Also included was a hitchhiker stamp “commemorating” the confiscation of 5 California letterboxes.

We went to explore the furnaces further after locating the letterbox. The afternoon sun was sinking fast, and the wind was picking up at this point.

Time for a snack break. What in the world was going on at this McDonalds? We figured it’s meant to connect to a parking lot of an adjoining business (that doesn’t yet exist), but you have to admit it looks pretty bizarre heading into the field like that. Maybe it’s the “livestock” entrance.

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