Mt. Tammany Letterbox

Finding the “Mt. Tammany Letterbox” was just one small part of this interesting late summer day. Dad and Aaron came along for the exercise, and the views, and probably the pancake breakfast as well. We began by eating a filling breakfast at Compton’s, of course. I had blueberry French toast, along with bacon and hot … Read more

Seahorse Muscle Car Letterbox

I saw more rain on this crazy-weather Thursday than I have in a very long time. The day began normally (for a day on vacation, of course). I dropped Aaron off at the golf course, and then went back to Ocean City for a day of geocaching and benchmark hunting. I arrived at Northside Park … Read more

Dunes Letterbox and Many Interesting Benchmarks

History From 1950 through the early 1960s, Assateague Island was not the quiet wilderness you see today, but rather an exciting prospect for developers and speculators. Attempting to capitalize on the trend toward owning seaside real estate, developers divided the land into thousands of lots, created a street grid and paved a 15-mile highway they … Read more