Salt Spring Letterbox

“Salt Spring” was my first official non-hybrid letterbox. And of course, since it’s done almost nothing else but rain this October, this one was found in the rain. The morning began with a trip to Woodbourne Forest, where I ran into Rich, located the Woodbourne Forest Cache, got wet, caught my hand on a thorn and bled all over the place, and just generally had an awesome time. After that cache I went alone to the Liberty Park Cache, which I found without incident, and from there finally to Salt Springs. The letterbox wasn’t too tough to find, though I had to retrace my steps on two of the legs to get to the right place. The box was somewhat visible when I arrived at the area, but it was a good distance off the trail. In order to look through the logbook and to stamp it myself, I had to set up my little umbrella on the hillside and hold the book underneath it. (By this time the rain was a mere drizzle, but there was still plenty dripping from the trees.) The hider had included stamped, addressed postcards that you could send her to comment on the letterbox. I only wish she’d included an e-mail address, too. After locating the letterbox, I checked on my own nearby Penny Rock Cache, which someone had moved to a new spot. Good thing I located it! (I moved it back.)

Note: As of 18 January 2004, this letterbox listing seems to have disappeared from Does anyone know if it’s still in place?

The letterbox, with me under an umbrella… I was trying hard to protect it from the rain!

After several days of rain, the stream was full.

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