Seahorse Muscle Car Letterbox

I saw more rain on this crazy-weather Thursday than I have in a very long time. The day began normally (for a day on vacation, of course). I dropped Aaron off at the golf course, and then went back to Ocean City for a day of geocaching and benchmark hunting. I arrived at Northside Park to search for Pineapple Under the Sea at exactly the same time a violent storm arrived. The rest of my day was no drier! Coastal Highway and the streets of Ocean City were flooded with several feet of water within minutes. Needless to say, there wasn’t going to be much geocaching or benchmark hunting taking place. Trying to avoid the rain, I drove/floated to the south end of Ocean City, where I was able to dash out of the car and recover a few benchmarks before the rain began down there. Frustrated, I called Rich for the forecast, and he informed me that it wasn’t looking good for hours to come. Thinking I’d like to get some more use out of my ten-day Assateague Island pass, I took a drive out along the island. No better place to watch a storm, right?! It was phenomenal. The sky was black with fast-moving thick clouds being replaced by even heavier clouds, and the waves were swallowing the beach sand in gulps. As the worst of the storm finally passed, I entertained thoughts of searching for the letterbox, but I decided to just enjoy the scenery and save the box for another day.

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