A Lighthouse Letterbox and Several Benchmarks

We couldn’t get enough of this peaceful preserve tucked away in the rural area just west of Bethany Beach. On our second visit, we rode past Sassafras Landing and Strawberry Landing all the way to Mulberry Landing on the bay. From here, you can see the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, from which this letterbox takes its name, and northern Ocean City. The Fenwick Island Lighthouse letterbox was a quick find but nevertheless enjoyable. It was a beautiful sunny day, too—a rarity on this vacation. I wished we’d brought a picnic lunch, because there are tables right by the water! We sat at one of them while I stamped in, and we relaxed for a while and watched fishermen fishing and crabber-women crabbing.

Zhanna and her bike, near the dock at Mulberry Landing.

We found some of these beautiful rose-mallow flowers down by the water near the duck blind.

Hey, it’s Aaron and the CRUISER! Somehow he got this thing up to 16mph.

Aaron rests with the letterbox at a picnic table at Mulberry Landing.

I loved riding on these sandy roads and trails through the tall pines and sweet gum trees.

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