Old Mother Hubbard

How is it that neither one of us has been on Hubbard Mountain before today?! I still don’t know. It’s so close to home and obviously has plenty of trails for hiking and biking. We began talking about it last weekend, and by this weekend I was ready to explore. I loved the drive up “Rustic Lane”—an aptly named old road used, I assume, for access by the utility companies—that basically goes straight up the mountain. I was even somewhat tempted to drive the powerlines toward the first cache, but we really needed the hike, and it was a beautiful (if windy) day.

Zhanna displays the cache against a colorful panoramic backdrop.
Zhanna displays the cache against a colorful panoramic backdrop.

Today's Geocaches

    Hi, Josh391!

    For some reason, Rich and I had never visited Hubbard Mountain before. I had fun driving up Rustic Lane, but we decided to hike the powerline toward the cache rather than drive it. The stunning view provided a colorful backdrop to our cache hunt and sign-in. It was busier on the mountain than I’d expected. During today’s adventures we passed several vehicles, one jogger, and one mountain biker. We’ll be back here for sure. Thanks for a fun cache and an awesome view in a place so close to home and yet completely new to us!

    Howdy, Josh391!

    Zhanna and I hit the trails on Hubbard Mountain this afternoon mainly to take advantage of the gorgeous Fall weather. We parked under a powerline just off the paved, aptly-named Rustic Lane, hiked roughly a mile to the cache site, and found the container without any trouble. It was hidden well enough and in good condition. Since we hadn’t actually anticipated doing any geocaching today, we didn’t have any items with us to trade. We signed the logbook, took nothing, and left nothing. Also, we hung out at the overlook briefly, enjoying the crystal-clear skies, the stiff cool breeze, and the spectacular scenery. Thanks for putting a cache in such a fine location!

    Hi, Joebear21!

    Believe it or not, we’ve actually never explored Hubbard Mountain before today. We started out with a nice hike to the Hubbard Mountain Cache, and then figured we had enough time and energy remaining to attempt Pride Rock too. The cache was an easy find. Some of the contents were damp but undamaged. We signed the logbook but didn’t make a trade. Then we enjoyed a slow walk back to the car on this breezy, sunny day. I only wish we had seen some squirrels during our visit! Thanks!

    Howdy, Joebear21!

    After returning from our hike to the Hubbard Mountain Cache on this brisk, crystal-clear Fall afternoon, we decided that we were close enough to walk to this cache site, as well. A relatively easy find. The container was well hidden, but it was still slightly damp inside even though the lid was properly sealed. We didn’t bring any trade items with us so we didn’t take anything, we only signed the logbook. This is an interesting area that neither Zhanna nor I have visited before. Thanks for placing a cache here.

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