Summer, Come Back!

Today’s outing was a nice, easy ride from Forest City to just past Herrick Center and back, all on the D&H. What a radical change we had today from our recent sunny, hot weather! It was a breezy day that was pretty pleasant when we rode into patches of sunshine, but fully chilling when we were beneath the heavy clouds that dominated the skies today. Colored leaves swirled around us and were beginning to cover the trail in spots.

The trail surface changes past Herrick Center to a deeper, heavier gravel, but it’s still much more rideable than we’d expected. Next time, I think we will try to ride even farther north. I’m not sure at which point we’ll run into original ballast, but I’m certain it’s out there.

The sky was black by the time we returned to the parking lot, and it began to sprinkle just as Rich loaded our bikes back onto the car. We should have known that John would ride a few more miles in the rain before heading back home!

3 thoughts on “Summer, Come Back!”

    • We’ve ridden on it in quite a few places … one of the nastiest was a section of the D&L/Black Diamond Trail in Luzerne County, PA. From White Haven to Middleburg Road it’s a nice easy ride (although rougher than the Lehigh Gorge trail just to the south), but above Middleburg Road it was very rough, deep, chunky ballast. That was last year and I know there has been some work done on some sections of the Black Diamond, so I wonder if it’s any better now.


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