Acadia Adventures 2006 – Day 2

Breakfast was at Cafe This Way, where we had pancakes (plain and peach & pecan) and an omelet. We hiked from Parkman Mountain to Norumbega, where we recovered the tri-station BROWN MOUNTAIN. We were lying by the pond with our feet in the water. R mused, “Hmm … what do I want to eat tonight?” It’s still morning! And I’m still stuffed with pancakes!

We weren’t able to find the Goat Trail, which would have taken us back to where we started, so we ended up walking along the road. This turned out well, though, because along the way we came across a USGS bench mark (K 18) as well as three MDOT witness signs, although we couldn’t find any of the associated MDOT marks.

Tonight’s supper was at McKay’s, where I had an excellent blue cheese and pear salad, along with fish & chips. Rich had the seafood risotto—I knew he wanted it as soon as I saw it on the menu, but he thought I’d never guess what he had in mind to order. We shared a warm blackberry crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert, after which we wandered around town for a while. No ice cream tonight; we were stuffed and it was too cold.We went back and assembled in Rich’s room to drink some 3 Blind Moose wine (“no sunglasses required!”) and watch Treasure Hunters.

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