A-Puzzling We Will Go

Knowing how much I like puzzles and math problems, early this week Rich alerted me to a new puzzle cache that had just appeared. I had a little extra time at work that evening and I was able to solve the initial puzzle quite easily. Intrigued by the cache, but both stuck at work during … Read more

Continuing Cleanup

Four days after the snow ended, I can finally park in my driveway again. My father showed up early this morning, and we set to work clearing out a Forester-sized chunk of snow and ice. Beneath 8-10 inches of snow, we found several inches of ice. I needed the exercise, but I’m still sore!

Winter Sucks!!!

Zhanna’s poor trolley remains buried in snow even after one cleaning of the driveway. It’s still snowing and blowing out there. Anyone who thinks this is beautiful needs to have his head examined!!!

Turtles and Mooses …

It’s been months since Rich and I visited one of our favorite lunch spots, The Tipsy Turtle near Pittston, PA. This cold, lazy Saturday was just right for a nice drive and a two-hour lunch. We shared Turtle Bites (hot sauce, with Inferno sauce on the side!), southwestern eggrolls and turtle tornados, a French dip … Read more