Piecing Together the Past #11 and #6

Today’s goal was another part of the Piecing Together the Past geocache series, #11 (All Aboard!) at the Radisson hotel very close to my office. This was a pretty easy find, but it’s in a very busy place so be prepared to look suspicious as you poke around in the shrubbery! I also noticed some vermin control boxes in the same area … I hope no one mistakes one of them for the cache!

On the way back, I located another geocache in the series, #6. The theme of #6 was the Catlin House, which now houses the Lackawanna Historical Society, but because of geocache proximity issues the cache had to be hidden in a slightly different (and quite creative) spot visible—but not accessible—from the University campus.

Today's Geocaches

    Hi STEARanger!

    After yesterday’s find of “Forging Ahead!” (number 7 in this series) I knew I had to attempt a few more. This geocache was another reasonable goal for today’s walk, and it was an easy find. It’s probably best to search for this one in the evening when fewer people are roaming around and driving past this spot. The cache was in excellent condition, dry inside and plenty of puzzle pieces left. Thanks for the fun hunt!


    HI STEARanger!

    This is a great hiding spot! I found the cache this evening on another walk around town. The challenge here is to know which way to approach the site. I signed in, took a puzzle piece (there are plenty left) and sat for a minute before continuing on my walk. Thanks again for adding a nice goal to my evening stroll!


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