zhanna’s adventures

zhanna’s adventures

Our Second Hike (and Cache) in Three Days!

Today's Geocache

    Hi, Zgoda3!

    To test out Rich’s new knees, he and I have been going on some successively longer bike rides over the past few weeks. This weekend he decided to try some mild hiking, too. The Eales Preserve is close to home, but we haven’t explored it much. Today would be a lovely day to check out some of the trails, we thought. We also took along coordinates for this cache as an extra goal, should we get that far.

    Our hike was peaceful and uneventful until we reached the cache area. We found several possible hiding spots, one of which was quite likely, but it was empty. After wandering around for a few more minutes, I spotted something strange out in the open and knew without a doubt that it had to be the cache container.

    We signed the logbook and took a few photos to show where we had found the cache in comparison to where we thought it might have been hidden originally. But it was far too buggy to hang around and take any unnecessary photos. We finished our hike in sunshine and warm dry air, and even nibbled on a few late-season blueberries along the way!

    Thanks for the challenge.

    Howdy, Zgoda3!

    Zhanna and I decided to take a day off from mountain biking this weekend and try a little Sunday morning hike on Moosic Mountain to help with my recovery and rehab from recent knee surgery. We’ve been away from geocaching for a couple of years, but we still like to hunt for one from time to time. It took a while to find this cache. Actually, Zhanna spotted it almost accidentally. I’d have to guess that it wasn’t in the hiding spot you had intended, and was probably dragged out by an animal. There was a more likely spot, however, a few yards away. You might want check on this one. We were very impressed with the design of the container, and after signing the log, we replaced it exactly as we had found it since we weren’t positive where it should have been. Thanks for a fun cache hunt.

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