Small Town Benchmarks

I couldn’t resist searching for a few local benchmarks this beautiful, sunny Tuesday morning. I was in Clarks Summit on other business anyway, and thought it would be nice to take a little trip out into the “country.” I’ve been to the old high school in the past, and I’ve driven by the church many times, without any idea that benchmarks were so close by. The disk at the old school (now the Newton Recreation Center) is located on the top step of a set of concrete stairs leading down to a basement door on the southwest side of the school building.

After my successful search for the nearby disk 46 B, I drove directly to the Milwaukee United Methodist Church to see what might remain of 47 B. As I approached the church steps, my heart sank. The steps were covered with new gray outdoor carpeting. I assumed that the disk would still be in place underneath, but I wasn’t about to tear up the carpet. Luckily, I didn’t have to! A hole was cut in the carpeting to allow the disk to show through. It was encouraging to see that someone realized and respected the value of the mark, and went through some extra effort to ensure that it was accessible.

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