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    Hi, Techtalkers!

    Your new cache appeared on the site at a convenient time—late enough that we didn’t worry about anyone attempting it last night, but early enough that we had some time to prepare. Unlike yesterday, this time we got moving early and enjoyed the easy drive to Blooming Grove (I’m sure Rich enjoyed it more after I turned off the Russian pop music). Thanks to previous geocache and benchmark hunts we’re already quite familiar with the area, so finding a parking spot close to the cache posed no problem. The morning was cloudy and cool, and the atmosphere in the woods was enchanting. Plenty of fall colors have popped up among the green, and they brightened our surroundings. The woods were so peaceful and quiet during our short stroll to the cache site. We were impressed by the well-crafted log bridge we encountered as we approached the coordinates! (Did you build that just for us?! ) Rich and I both found the cache without much delay. It was in excellent shape as expected, and it contains some quality goodies. I really liked the travel bug, but we left her in the cache as we’re not sure when we’ll be placing our next cache. I added a funny travel bug I picked up in Ocean City, Maryland a few weeks ago, along with an Ocean City keychain. From the cache I took the deck of cards (which I, unwittingly, held in my hand while Rich was photographing the contents). We spent some time relaxing in the area before taking a slow walk back to the car and embarking on another cache hunt and benchmarking adventure. Thanks for a gorgeous walk and an excellent geocaching experience!


    Howdy, TT’s! After yesterday’s unusually late start I made sure that I was up in plenty of time this morning, ready and raring to go. I met with Zhanna (who graciously volunteered to drive today) about 7:30am to attempt a joint “First Find” for this brand new cache. Following a mild and very pleasant hike under cloudy skies, cool temps, calm air, and no bugs (yet!) on gorgeous trails we arrived on the scene at 8:20am. Found the cache after about 10-12 minutes of searching. [According to a 20-minute waypoint average, my GPSr indicated that the hiding spot was roughly 45 feet to the southwest of the posted coordinates. Take this for what it’s worth since signal reception is very spotty. I also noticed when I first saw the cache page last night that there is an error in the parking coordinates. This didn’t cause any problems since I had a good idea what trails the cache was near.] I didn’t take anything from this well-stocked container, but I left 2 of my custom magnets, a custom cycling keychain, and an assortment of State Park maps. Thanks for a superb little adventure. I’m glad that you finally got this cache approved and online. It’s been a long wait, but I’d say it was worth it. ~Rich in NEPA~

    Hi there!

    I was beginning to think I’d never get to this cache, but today’s little trip provided the perfect opportunity. After a fun First Find at the nearby Blooming Grove Hiking Trail cache, we had some time to try this one as well. The hike in was very enjoyable, especially because of the lack of bugs. We crossed the stream on a fallen tree (this is happening frequently of late, and our skills are improving!). Being the gentleman and master geocacher that he is, Rich kept a good distance away as I approached the site and looked for the cache so as not to influence my search. Heavy tree cover made reception very spotty but once in the right area I found the cache without too much trouble; unfortunately, the container was exposed. (I’m glad I got to it before the deer hunters begin to frequent the area.) The cache was in great shape otherwise. There are some nice treats inside! I took a Worthington State Forest map because I couldn’t remember whether I had one in my collection. I left a neat Ocean City keychain. We then concealed the cache as it had originally been hidden when Rich found it back in May. We took a slow walk back to the car and then located a nearby benchmark before calling it a morning. I have yet to visit the Space Oddity, but we have plans to return to the area soon. Thanks for a satisfying challenge and a very well done traditional geocache hunt!


    (Logged on May 23, 2003)

    Howdy, BL! Arrived on the scene around 9:20am. GPS reception was very spotty and relying on a good measure of that “GeoCacher’s intuition” I walked right up to the spot, spied some disturbances in the surrounding leaf litter, and quickly pulled out the cache. No need for hints. It was in good condition and hidden very well, just as you described. I spent quite a bit of time playing with the items inside, signing the logbook, making trades, and taking photos. I took the fascinating fossil rock so I could study it more carefully at home (I will pass it along at another cache so others can examine it, too) and left two of my Geocaching magnets, a Wet Towel, and an assortment of State park guides. I’d describe the area as soggy and damp but not especially wet or buggy, with bright green moss growing everywhere. It was cloudy and calm this morning, and the woods were extremely quiet. I liked the stream very much and walked a good length of it on my way back to the car. After returning the cache to its hiding place I was getting ready to leave when I heard the sound of twigs snapping underfoot and noted the approach of two unmistakable GeoCachers. Turns out it was none other than The Wolfpak. It was really nice to finally meet these avid cachers and fellow Mid-Valley residents. Thanks for a fun time. I’ve been to the “Space Oddity” many years ago. ~Rich in NEPA~

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