Ducky Letterbox and My First Delaware Benchmarks

This “Ducky Letterbox” was a quick, simple find on a very hot day. Aaron and I had just arrived in Bethany and wanted to start our adventures right away. I was very interested in the Assawoman Wildlife Area, as it is so close to Bethany but in all the years I’ve been visiting I’d never heard of it. The day was hot (one of the few this summer) so we didn’t hang around long in any one spot. We found the letterbox and stamped in, and then drove through the rest of the “tour” in the pamphlet we picked up at the parking spot. We spent a few minutes near the observation tower looking for the Assawoman Tower letterbox. It should have been another easy find, but we couldn’t find anything. (That box has since been reported missing by other seekers.)

I was drawn to these salmon-colored trumpet flowers that lined the driveway through the park.

I knew we were looking for some red barns!

And this must be the little white building.

Poke around behind the building, and you might find a little box!

No ducks today, but we did encounter this tiny frog camouflaged in the dry grass.

There’s an observation tower that we encountered further down the road. If you climb it (it’s breezy up there) you’ll be treated to views of the ponds and saltmarshes of southern Delaware.

Near the parking area you’ll see this odd graveyard; the headstones rest on a concrete slab!

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