Lock Ridge Letterbox

This box was very easy to find, though I don’t think it’ll be discovered by the casual park visitor. Just follow the directions carefully and you can’t not find it. (Unless, of course, it ends up missing.) This letterbox held some surprises—described below—that served as a reminder of the number of cool things that are … Read more

Mt. Minsi Letterbox

All year I’ve wanted to get to this letterbox, but I spent most of my time in Delaware Water Gap this year across the way on Mt. Tammany. In fact, this was my first trip to Mt. Minsi since late last summer. (Of course, even though finding the letterbox was my main purpose for this … Read more

Salt Spring Letterbox

“Salt Spring” was my first official non-hybrid letterbox. And of course, since it’s done almost nothing else but rain this October, this one was found in the rain. The morning began with a trip to Woodbourne Forest, where I ran into Rich, located the Woodbourne Forest Cache, got wet, caught my hand on a thorn … Read more

Bumblebee From Tennessee

“Bumblebee” was my first ever letterbox-type cache. It was tricky to find due to the four yuppies who were sitting and drinking their wine (or whatever) on the rocks directly above, and were staring at me as I searched. I tried to be discreet, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Well, just as … Read more

Flowers From Tennessee

This letterbox/geocache hybrid was a relatively straightforward find in a nicely secluded wooded area of the park. As usual, I added my symbol (glued on since my stamp hasn’t been made yet) and I did also stamp the log with the flower stamp that Rich picked up in Maine. Zhanna sits on the rocks near … Read more