Rock Slope and Marshwood Mines

Two consecutive March Thursdays were warm and sunny (the second warmer than the first) and we were in the mood to track down some local mining ruins. Our first goal was the Eddy Tunnel portal. I’d asked an acquaintance "in the know" for directions to this portal (or so I thought). We were to park … Read more

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Pennsylvania Tunnel Portal Discovery

I can’t resist a good challenge, a good mystery. When daily life doesn’t present enough mysteries (unless you happen to be Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew or the like), you have to go looking. I had little clue there was such an elaborate underground world here in NEPA until I stumbled upon the Underground Miners website. … Read more

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Bridge to … ?

For years I’ve noticed a blue bridge crossing Interstate 81 near Johnson Technical Institute (now Johnson College). It occasionally crossed my mind that I’d never been across this bridge, that I’d never seen anyone driving on this bridge, and that I didn’t know where it went (and that, really, it didn’t seem likely that it … Read more

Archbald Mine #26

On this sunny, relatively warm (for January) Sunday, Rich and I decided to investigate some areas on Archbald Mountain in search of a potential mine opening. From various sources we are aware that at least a few small openings still exist in our target area, and Rich even remembered discovering one while mountain biking years … Read more