Urban Exploration: Trolley Tracks Through Time Terracache

Trolley Tracks Through Time Terracache, by Zhanna. Listed June 9, 2006 As a trolley enthusiast and aspiring motorman for a local heritage line, I’ve become very interested in our country’s electric traction history. Many of these old lines are quickly becoming only a distant memory, and I’d like to capture what I can of them … Read more

A Pseudo Castle

A Pseudo Castle Terracache, by PaxEtBonum (you must be logged into the Terracaching site to view) This castle is the home of the “Vince the Pizza Prince” pizzeria in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. This pizzeria is well known in the area for light, crispy, perfectly seasoned thin crust pizzas! It’s one of my favorite places to … Read more


BENCHMARK-MONUMENT Terracache by GEO*Trailblazer! (you must be logged into the Terracaching site to view) I’m just as interested in searching for USGS (and other agencies’) benchmarks as well as those listed by NGS. They each have their own challenges. This mark is a USGS Transit Traverse station located in a beautiful wooded area in southern … Read more

Urban Exploration: Ancient Ads Terracache

Ancient Ads Terracache, by Zhanna For this cache, you will be seeking out old advertisements. Not just any old ads—they must be painted on the wall of a building. Here is an example from the town adjacent to mine (and I’m convinced if I can find these ads in Olyphant, PA, they can be found … Read more