Another hazy night!

We had so much fun at last night’s program at Lackawanna State Park that tonight we decided to return to see the presentation of “Wild Pennsylvania,” a series of photographs from state parks and forest lands across the state. The show was excellent and lasted about an hour, until 10:00pm. Of course the sky was … Read more

Using a slightly better scope …

10:15pm I was still at work when Joe arrived at Rich’s house tonight around 9:30. He brought along a slightly larger scope that we hoped would give us a better view of Saturn and Jupiter, and perhaps even Mars. They had great views of Saturn (and a Mars sighting) early in the evening, but by … Read more

A bit luckier …

10:30pm A very cloudy sky “miraculously” cleared just as I pulled into the driveway. This time I had a view of Saturn and a quick glimpse of Mars, but only through the binoculars. This was the first Rich had seen of them all night due to the clouds. Jupiter, of course, rose large and bright … Read more

Can’t believe I missed it!

10:30pm Tonight I came home to a very bummed Rich standing next to the spotting scope in the back yard. He told me I had just missed (by two minutes) seeing Saturn! It dipped down behind the trees the minute I pulled into the driveway. He’d had an excellent, sharp view of it for about … Read more

Cloudy to clear

11:00pm It was a murky, hazy night with heavy cloud cover. Arriving home around 10:30pm, I had little hope we’d see anything in the sky and was about to declare that it was a good night for a beer and maybe some TV. But we lounged outside on the patio just a little longer, and … Read more