A “Sick” Puzzle Cache

Today’s solve (appropriately titled “COVID-19 Cache”) stumped us for a week or more, even though it looked like it should be (and ultimately turned out to be) pretty easy. It was clear to both of us right away what we needed to focus on to solve the puzzle, but we just couldn’t figure out what to do with that information. My mind typically runs in cryptographic directions, but nothing I tried along those lines yielded anything useful.

Then this morning I noticed something that an earlier finder referred to in his log, and suddenly I had an idea of another kind. I didn’t have the necessary “material” on hand but was able to find a version online and after a few moments spent browsing, we realized that we had the key. The puzzle was straightforward from that point on.

Today's Geocache

    Hi, Dr. Redfield (that is your name this week, right?)!

    Rich and I looked at this puzzle on and off for a week or two, testing a few ideas that didn’t work out, before we finally stumbled upon the solution. It was confirmed by the solution checker. We’ll be adding this one to our growing Middletown Geocaching to-do list! Thanks for the puzzle; we enjoyed it, as always!

    Zhanna and ~Rich in NEPA~

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