Five Card Hand

This puzzle geocache, another one by zzbob, had us going crazy for a day or so just like the last one. It turns out that we were expecting something a little more challenging than it turned out to be! We had come across the correct answer early on, but we didn’t see how it could possibly be right, so we didn’t check it. Rich eventually did, and it was right! This afternoon we headed down to the final location, which, sad to say, was another disappointing spot like the last one. Good parking was available, which is always a plus, but it was just too public a spot to feel comfortable poking around for long. And in mid-July, it really wasn’t possible to poke around much in the area anyway because it was so overgrown with knotweed and, as we found out too late, poison ivy! There was one object in the area that seemed a likely hiding spot, but there are so many places to check that we just couldn’t reach. If we try again, it will have to be during the colder months.

Today's Geocache

    Hi, zzbob!

    This puzzle was a challenging one! Rich and I had a great time working on it together. It turns out we were overthinking it (… I think) and we had actually come across the correct answer pretty early on. We didn’t think it could be right, so we didn’t geo-check it. Eventually we ran out of ideas, and Rich tried that one particular solution that turned out to be correct! Our search at the location didn’t turn out so well, though. The area was heavily overgrown and it was difficult to maneuver around the debris and poison ivy that we found at the site. We may try again in the winter. Thanks for a unique challenge!


    Howdy, ZZBob!

    Zhanna and I solved your crypto-puzzle after a day of head-scratching and knuckle-cracking … and a few “nerve-calming” alcoholic beverages, as well. The GEO-CHECK app told us our answer was correct. So, late this afternoon, we made the drive over to the coordinates. There we found a convenient place to park. The location itself, sadly, is a bit discomforting. (Also, there are patches of poison ivy spread throughout ground zero for which future cachers ought to be forewarned.) We searched the most likely “objects” as cautiously as we could. But we decided to give up the search after about 15 minutes thinking that it might be better to simply come back in late Fall, or during the Winter when the vegetation has died back. Even though I really did appreciate the challenge of deciphering another ZZBob mystery puzzle, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the “reward” part. The best and most gratifying feature of geocaching, in my opinion, has always been the potential for being guided to scenic places, interesting trails, unique adventures, and a few long-lasting memories. I will remember working on the “Five Card Hand” puzzle with my wonderful wife for a long, long time!


    ~Rich in NEPA~

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