Ghosts of the Past

Today was another very hot and humid, but still beautiful, day. Rich and I decided to take a short walk on the Trolley Trail (the Glenburn section) to see what plants we might be able to find and photograph. The trail wasn’t busy at all, surprisingly for such a nice Sunday, but it also wasn’t too fruitful as far as wildflowers go. It’s heavily shaded and very lush, and ferns dominate. We found only a few small foxglove stalks, some thistles emerging, some berries beginning to form, and lots and lots of the aforementioned ferns!

We made it a simple out and back walk, and on our return trip we noticed a few Jack in the Pulpit plants, without their inflorescences (their “Jacks”). The leaves are unmistakable, though, now that we’re so familiar with them!

Note: I didn’t have my GPS unit with me, so the tracklog is only an approximation. We found a small side trail into the woods south of the Trolley Trail, which I’ve tried to indicate here. I only took coordinates for the northernmost point where it emerges again onto the main trail, so the rest is just a guess.

While we were walking back toward the car, Rich asked what I was interested in having for supper. I didn’t have any ideas, but he had one at the ready—pizza! We haven’t had pizza since the day of the Death Hike: Pandemic Edition in May, so we were both craving it. We ended up with some plain and fresh tomato and garlic pizza, which were excellent and really hit the spot (I had five pieces, somehow), which we enjoyed in the sunroom while watching some videos.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, a new geocache popped up in the evening close to home. I haven’t done many geocaches recently, and haven’t had any First to Finds in a long time, so I went for it. Rich made “second finder” a few days later.

Today's Geocache

    Hi, Baldeagle14!

    I happened to be in the area when this popped up. It was an easy find. Thanks for the cache!


    Logged on July 8, 2020.

    Howdy, Baldeagle14!

    Easy find. Thanks for the cache.

    ~Rich in NEPA~

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