Piecing Together the Past #2

While on our walk on the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail this morning, Rich and I found “Piecing Together the Past #2.” If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll notice that this is my 12th and final geocache find in the “Piece of the Past” series! I have all twelve puzzle pieces to fit into their frame. I’m so happy that Rich was able to join me on this hunt just like the last two. We think this cache may have moved from its intended location, and it is currently quite exposed, so we hid it as well as possible and notified the owner.

Today's Geocache

    Hi STEARanger!

    Rich and I had just one missing piece in our puzzle, and with some other errands to run this morning we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to search for the remaining cache in this series. The trail was busy this morning with runners from the local Barrier Breakers group as well as a few cyclists.

    When we got to the coordinates, I began to poke around in the likely hiding spots, but found nothing. After a few minutes of fruitless searching, we decided to expand our search area, but I happened to spot the cache before we really even began to search again. It was in a strange location that isn’t consistent with the coordinates or the hint, so I have sent you a message detailing where we found it in case you’d like to check it out. Since we didn’t know where the cache was supposed to be hidden we had to replace it where we found it, but hopefully it is hidden well enough that it won’t come to any harm. The container was unlatched when we found it, but everything inside was still dry. We signed in and took our final puzzle piece before continuing our late-summer morning walk along the trail. Thanks for a fantastic twelve-part adventure!


    Howdy, STEARanger!

    I located your cache at 9:15AM together with the “always amazing and awesome” Zhanna. I’m quite eager to support her efforts in completing this geocache series. However, this container proved a bit more difficult to find than we had anticipated, perhaps due to heavy tree cover, as well as the steep surrounding terrain. I signed the logbook but took nothing since I’m not intent on assembling the puzzle. The trail was quite busy this morning and, obviously, it is a very popular local resource. I do think it would actually be much more interesting if this geocache was placed along a more noteworthy or more scenic section of the trail. Nevertheless, thanks for this unique geocache … and for a pleasant morning walk!

    ~Rich in NEPA~

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