Piecing Together the Past #4

Today’s wet conditions made me a bit hesitant but I decided to go for my geocache-walk anyway. My feet took me to the Everhart Museum at Nay Aug Park (quite a walk from the University on a hot, humid day!). I poked around for a bit and eventually found the cache, #4 in the “Piecing Together the Past” series. This is not the greatest hiding spot, but somehow the cache has survived here for several months.

Today's Geocache

    Hi STEARanger!

    I incorporated this cache hunt into my daily walk. Somehow I managed to time it just right between the rain showers and storms! Despite the potential for a really tricky hide I found the cache after a few minutes of poking around, signed in and took a puzzle piece. The bag was open and pieces are getting damp, but everything is still in decent condition.

    Thanks for another interesting challenge!


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