Seamans Road Bridge

I first noticed the USGS bench mark TT 69 TH on the topo map last week. It’s not far from the produce stand we visit often in the summer, so I hinted that some day we might combine a trip to the produce stand with a scouting trip for this mark. Today was the day. Rich and I found the mark very easily on the northwest corner of the abutment of the old concrete bridge (built in 1915) over the railroad tracks. Weeds are high in August, but it was easy enough to trample them down and take some decent photos of the disk.

The bridge railings are in poor shape, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire bridge is replaced at some point. The nearby Reynolds Road bridge, also in deplorable condition, was demolished in May 2015.

This was a perfect, simple adventure for a hot and exceptionally humid weekend!

Today's Survey Mark

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