Afternoon at the Preserve

Today's Geocache

    Finally we found the final! Hard to believe it’s been over four months since our first attempt. We decided back in December that we would attempt the final stage during the day rather than at night. Today was a beautifully warm, sunny day, and we couldn’t resist a great hike up on the mountain. (I believe there was a promise of pizza involved somehow, too.) icon_smile_cool

    We hiked directly to the final reflector and tag and double checked the coordinates. Like Rich I’m unsure of what happened before, but given the correct coordinates this time, we walked right to the cache and spotted it easily. It was hidden quite well and was in very good condition.

    Rich signed the logbook for both of us, and we took a Pathtag (from TravelnbHappy21) and a Geocoin(?) that we can’t quite identify. We left a Mickey Mouse Koosh ball and a magnet. Thanks for providing a challenging hunt, two great hikes, and the opportunity for another pizza-and-beer celebration! icon_smile_big

    Howdy, S&S!

    Hurray! icon_smile_cool Finally found the final part. So much easier to locate during daylight hours, and with the right coordinates, too. (Don’t know what happened here but our original coordinates, gotten during our mid-December 2012 nighttime search, had been putting us ~60 feet to the east. Also, there wasn’t a “Hint” available at that time. Good thing we stopped this afternoon to re-check the coordinates on that last tag, which seems may have been replaced.) Cache was in excellent condition and reasonably well hidden. Signed log. Took a Pathtag and a Geo-coin. Left a Mickey Koosh Ball and a fridge magnet. All in all, this was a fun and challenging cache, and we got two good 4-mile hikes out of it! Next we were off to celebrate with the traditional pizza and beer at The Library in Jessup. icon_smile_big

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