zhanna’s adventures

zhanna’s adventures

I Never Thought I’d See the Day …

Dad’s riding a mountain bike with us!

Dad's first mountain bike ride with Team Moose!
Dad’s first mountain bike ride with Team Moose!

We have a spare bike (actually two) now that Rich and I have our new wonder machines. It took about two weeks, but we convinced Dad to join us on the River Trail for a short ride, just to get acquainted with a mountain bike and to see the kind of simple riding we often do around here. We rode from the parking lot on Bridge Street in Jessup down to the Laurel Street Park in Archbald, where we circled around and rested for a few minutes at the bench next to the river. He easily understood the basics of shifting (and he greatly appreciated the new style of shifters!) and had no real trouble with the ride except for a sore butt. He soon learned why we like to wear cycling shorts. With a little practice he’ll soon be keeping up with us easily, and he won’t feel sore for three days afterward!

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