zhanna’s adventures

zhanna’s adventures

Laziest Geocache Find Yet … and Tacos!

After all the excitement of today’s geocache, you wouldn’t think the evening could get better. But it did! The sunshine continued and the day got even warmer, and we met my parents at Chicano’s in Scranton to share with them the wonder of delicious, authentic tacos. Ahh … tacos!

Today's Geocache

    Hi, PAyeti!

    I was out on the patio planting lettuce when Rich checked his e-mail and saw that a new cache had popped up. It was practically across the street! Even though we haven’t been geocaching much lately, we really had no excuse not to try for a First Find on this one. I joked to Rich that with how voracious local geocachers have been recently, we probably wouldn’t have a chance at a First Find even on a cache that was only a few hundred feet from home. It turns out we were right! The coordinates led us right to the spot where we had expected to find the cache, just moments ahead of another person who was holding some sort of electronic device and was heading in the same direction. We checked the correct hiding spot immediately, but we found only the lid of the container. The other geocacher, Zgoda3, approached us with the rest of the cache in his hand. He had indeed found it first, but he had to go elsewhere to find a pen in order to sign in. Rich and I signed in at the #2 spot and took a photo before walking back home. Thanks!

    I doubt anyone could have been a more lazy geocacher than I was today. This cache is barely more than a couple of hundred feet from home. And that’s pretty much the main reason I felt like going for it, especially since the notification had just appeared in my e-mail only minutes ago.

    See Zhanna’s log below for more details. (She just told me that now I’m too lazy to write my own log!!!) icon_smile_shock

    Thanks for the cache!

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