I can’t believe we went back …

Today's Geocache

    Rich logged this note for both of us.

    Howdy, Rich!

    Guess where we went this morning!

    After breakfast we took the bikes over to the mountain to continue exploring more of these unfamiliar trails. One issue still bothering us was just how close we actually got to the cache site during our first attempt. Last Saturday we hiked a trail that we expected would take us to the general area. When we got to within a quarter mile of our “guess” waypoint, a side trail took us only a little closer before it deadended. Now, having found the location of the rocks and the cache site during our second attempt on Wednesday, we wondered if our previous route would prove to have been the better approach after all. Evidently it was, because today we had only less than 400 feet of bushwhacking to contend with, and it was definitely easier to negotiate than the route we used on Wednesday. We visited the cache and signed the log sheet again, just to show that we were there! We returned to our bikes and explored a little further before turning around and heading back home for lunch (BLTs with fresh home-grown tomatoes!).

    ~Rich in NEPA~ and Zhanna!