Acadia Adventures 2007 – Day 8

Another cool morning, Thursday dawned sunny and dry. Taking fate by the antlers we decided to try 2 Cats again, both agreeing beforehand to walk out if we were stuck with Chuck—you suck!—for our waiter. Fortunately, this time we were blessed with a burly hairy guy with a pirate-like appearance but who was confident and competent. He even, with a great swoop of his hairy arm, removed a dragonfly that had been terrorizing the Southern belles sitting in the corner. Today Rich ordered the plain pancakes and bacon (are you sensing the pattern yet?), while I tried the egg, cheese and Canadian bacon sandwich on thick homemade toast, and a cup of fresh fruit.

After breakfast, bought Margaret Todd tickets from a droll woman at a store that also sold such Maine tourist delicacies as Moose Poop candy (just chocolate-covered berries—I think!) and lamps shaped like lobsters. Then did the Great Meadow loop, a relatively new trail that we had driven by two days before (on our rain day) and were still mildly curious about. Found a BM (NPS ACADIA) just as we were finishing the trail and heading back to the car. Then went back into town to poke around for a little while before sailing. We found a new BM on the seawall, near the dock, just before sailing. The trip was relaxing and peaceful, but we didn’t see much more than a few harbor seals, and the water was so calm that we hardly went anywhere! It was still so nice to sit in the sun (and get burned) while rocking gently back and forth. We even helped raise the sails! Afterward we wandered around the pier; I had a sneaking suspicion that some of the other new NOS marks would be on the other side of the building, which is an area we had never checked before. We were able to find two – one atop the concrete wall right at the corner, half-hidden beneath a wooden structure resembling a bench (though there was no way to sit on it). The other was set into the middle of the concrete berm a hundred feet or so to the north.

We needed to rest following all this excitement, so we enjoyed a short nap in the room before heading to the Burning Tree for the meal we had been anticipating more than a year.

We began with a Thai Chicken Wing appetizer and a blue cheese and apple tart. I had the crab cakes with jalapeno tartar sauce (don’t forget Puff Crabby!) and boiled new potatoes with herbs and lemon zest; Swiss chard stuffed with seafood mousse, egg noodles and cream sauce (R); vegetable: broccoli, tomatoes, onion in vinaigrette dressing; lemon mousse with dried plums and red wine reduction; espresso.