Looking for Another (Pine) Needle in a Haystack

Today's Geocache

    Rich logged this adventure for both of us.

    Howdy, Rich!

    Once again you’ve got us intrigued by another tree-enigma! After poring over our maps and photos, Zhanna and I hiked a little over 3 miles on the mountain this morning just to reconnoiter some trails in an area where we figure this new cache could be situated. We didn’t actually have any real expectations of finding the pine tree today, which is a good thing … ‘cuz we didn’t. I think we are going to need to visit the viewpoint (Part One) for a more personal look. Maybe we’ll spot something to use as a reference to zero in on the location better. We didn’t see any big anthills along the way, either, so maybe we weren’t even on the right trails! But we did pick up one creepy dog tick. Aaargh!!!! icon_smile_shock

    Zhanna and ~Rich in NEPA~