Central Park, Rowboat Lake

We’re just knocking these off the list like crazy! “Rowboat Lake” was in a lovely little section of the Ramble, and though people were wandering on some of the nearby trails, we felt much more secluded in this area than we had while searching for the other caches in the park. I found the cache rather easily this time, and Aaron and I sat on a log while I stamped the book. I also traded items this time, because this was considered a regular cache as well as a letterbox. We left an egg of Silly Putty (I don’t know why, but people really seem to like that!) and took the Spiderman travel bug. This weekend was a last little tease of summer, and it did feel exceptionally summery to be sitting on that log in the sunshine, with lots of people around but no one paying much attention, writing in a logbook.

The beautiful entranceway to the Ed Sullivan Theater. We walked by this theater on our way to the park in the morning. This has very little to do with this letterbox, but I didn’t really take any photos of the box, so I’ll include some generic New York scenes.

Looking across the Pond in Central Park. A pretty scene on a beautiful day!

These are some sort of corn pancake sandwiches with mozzarella cheese in the middle. I thought they were a little odd, but they reminded me of Rich’s specialty pancakes, so I had to get a photo. Of course, it was a little tough to do that while remaining inconspicuous. This booth was set up at a street fair on Bleecker Street, right around the corner from Joe’s Pizza.

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